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Due to Covid 19 our salon will be closed until further notice. At this point in time we are not rescheduling any appointments until we know an exact date of when we are allowed to go back to work. Once we know the start up date we will be contacting all clients who had previous appointments on our books to get them rescheduled. We are so anxious to get back into the salon and take care of each and everyone of our clients. But until then, the most important thing is to stay home and stay healthy.

If you are needing any haircare products please feel free to call, text or email your stylist or message us on Facebook. We can meet you at the salon and bring the products directly to your car.
May you be safe and healthy during this time and enjoy the extra time with your family. We miss you and can’t wait to see you in person very soon.
Blessings to you all, Sunsetters Salon


Barber Services
Did you know we have a barber?
Meet Jody Jones

Facial Shave
Treat yourself to an old fashioned straight edge shave.  You will experience at least 3 warm towels and the joy of not having to shave yourself.


Head Shave
Like the facial shave, you will experience a straight edge shave along with the warm towels and a shortened version of a scalp massage as the hair is softened in preparation for the shave.


Beard Trim


Barber Haircut w/ neck Shave


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