Jody Jones

I have been a licensed barber since 1985.

Originally, I was licensed in cosmetology and barbering, but I found that I enjoyed barbering more, so I only keep that license current. I enjoy spoiling my clients.  I can give my customers whatever haircut they’d like, but I enjoy flat tops the most. And I love it when my clients ask for a shave. You don’t see that happening everyday in a salon full of women, or even in many barbershops, anymore!

People are surprised to learn that I am a former Marine and that I served over two years as a jet engine mechanic working on engines for the CH-53 Stallions.

When I moved to Atchison in 2003, I wanted to get back into barbering on a regular basis.  I called the barbershops in town and no one was interested in taking on a new barber. After meeting Sandy at a Bible study, she expressed an interest in licensing Sunsetters as a barbershop.  

My proudest career moment, came early in my career.  My instructor called me after my state boards to tell me that not only had I scored top in my class, but I had the highest score from the group taking the state boards, at that time.

If I couldn’t work as a barber, I have no idea what I would do.  I’ve worked many jobs over the years, but none have made me as happy as barbering does.  I love seeing my regular clients, but I also love meeting new customers.

I am a wife, mother of two beautiful daughters, and grandmother to two wonderful boys.  When I’m not at the salon, I enjoy riding my mustang, Arwen and spending time with my family.  Lately, my husband and I have enjoyed going to the theatre, and to the opera.

I can be booked for:


Men's Cuts


Shaves & Beard Trims


Edge Clean Ups